The present Mill Tower was built in 1860 for the owner William Critoph. At a height of 48 feet with 6 stories and four double shuttered sails, the Mill Tower was a spectacular sight when tarred and freshly painted. Originally it is thought that there were 3 Mills on the present site. In 1810 a post Mill was built and out houses were also extended as the Mill grew with prosperity.

In 1922 the Yaxham Mill stopped using wind power and converted to steam and later diesel. However due to flagging fortunes the mill machinery was removed in 1940 to be melted down and turned into munitions for the war effort.

In its heyday the mill was providing flour to the adjacent bakery, which produced bread for sale at the shop on the same site. The site included workers' cottages, the bakery and the miller's house, now an award winning Indian restaurant.

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